Collection: Faileas

“Faileas” is a Scottish Gaelic term means “Reflections”,“Shadow” and “Echo”.

The theme of my brand “Faileas” is the reflecting world.  I was inspired by the myth of Narcissus and the story” Alice Through the Looking Glass”. Both of them have the element of mirroring and reflecting. And that is the reason the concepts and ideas of the designs include elements from water, mirrors, reflections, and shadows.

In my source of inspiration and my own imagination, the world behind the mirror and the underwater world should be full of attraction and illusion, irrational and irregular.
As we grow up, we work for our lives. More stress and more practical factors need to be considered. Many of us are gradually losing the creativity that is born with us. I want to use unexpected and misleading designs to show a reflecting world through mirrors and water imagining and motivate customers to think outside the box to imagine their own reflecting world.